Photographer: Rosa Tang
A Day at the Skate Park

We are all about community here in Vancouver.

Ranked among the globe's premier 10 cities for the skateboarding community, Vancouver stands as a cherished haven for enthusiasts. Personally, I encounter this Skate Plaza in my day-to-day journeys—a hidden gem concealed beneath the sheltering expanse of the Georgia Viaduct, demarcating the vibrant enclaves of Chinatown and Yaletown. Against this urban backdrop, a unique narrative unfolded.

Prompted by a friend's request, I found myself embarking on a photographic journey. My lens was directed towards local skateboarders, a tight-knit circle who frequented a nearby cannabis dispensary where my friend was employed. The aim was to gather captivating imagery for their social media presence, encapsulating the camaraderie and spirit of their interactions in the midst of this dynamic urban landscape.