Client: Barber & Co
Directed and Produced by: Rosa Tang
Barber & Co - Barber Spotlight Series

“Every person has a story.”

Barber and Co is a well-established barbershop with multiple locations across various neighborhoods in Vancouver and Toronto. They take pride in offering exceptional service to Vancouver residents, ensuring that everyone leaves their shop feeling stylish and refreshed. Additionally, they take the extra step of producing their own in-house products, all crafted right in the heart of Vancouver.

In my role as the Digital Media Manager, I was responsible for overseeing their social media presence and managing their marketing campaigns. While their social media previously focused heavily on showcasing their services and products, I aimed to infuse a more personal touch into the brand. This led to the creation of the "Barber Spotlight" series, which highlighted individual barbers working at different Barber and Co locations.

In each short-form social media campaign, we delved into the unique journey of a barber and explored how they became a valued part of the Barber and Co family. I conceptualized and produced this series in collaboration with my small creative team. This involved identifying suitable staff members, scheduling, scriptwriting, managing the content on social media platforms, overseeing the management of project assets, and handling aspects like styling and makeup to bring the vision to life.