Photographer: Dave Ogilvie
Producer: Rosa Tang
Creative Director: Rosa Tang
Styling: Rosa Tang
Bomber Brewery x LandYachtz

Your neighbourhood watering hole.

Nestled within the heart of the Woodland-Grandview industrial enclave, Bomber Brewing establishes its presence. Much like a well-kept secret among Vancouver's brewing scene, those in the know possess a precise awareness of its location.

Positioned as a favored haunt for nearby enterprises such as Land Yachtz, it has evolved into a cherished oasis within the local business landscape. The symbiotic relationship between breweries and their communities came to light, with an intriguing observation: a considerable number of Land Yachtz team members would frequent the tasting room on Fridays or swing by to collect takeout orders, unwinding from their demanding workweek with the embrace of a crisp, invigorating beer.

A compelling narrative emerged—one that illuminated the essence of this community. In this endeavor, we uncovered a captivating truth: Bomber Brewing had seamlessly woven itself into the very fabric of the neighborhood, turning into a weekly rite and a constant source of solace and camaraderie for its denizens.

Teaming up with the Bomber Brewing crew, we embarked on an engaging collaboration, encapsulating the spirit of their Friday tradition through an evocative series of photographs, a visual tale that would soon find its way onto the social sphere.