Agency: Inventa Brand Experience
Produced by: Rosa Tang
Cadillac Fairview - The Revival Room

“Back to school has never been so cool!”

As part of the Inventa team for this specific project, we led a cool project alongside our local creative pals to create an awesome shopping experience that celebrated late 90s and early 00s fashion vibes for back-to-school. It was called it "The Revival Room," and we built it from the ground up, taking care of everything from brainstorming ideas, designing the logo, picking cool fonts, setting up the themed rooms, planning layouts, adding hidden interactive fun, and even displaying the products in a groovy way. Our main aim? To show off some snazzy clothes and outfits from our pals at Cadillac Fairview, like H&M, The Bay, and Champs, and get people excited about shopping in person again.

The Revival Room was like a giant interactive window display where you could step right into the action. You got to explore different scenes, and we mixed in some stuff you could actually buy with genuine 90s stuff like VHS players, old-school phones, and classic game consoles. We put it all in rooms that took you back to a teenager's bedroom, a parent's basement, and a high school hallway, catering to all kinds of folks, whether you're into sports or fashion. Plus, we threw in some fun challenges in each room where you could win CF Shop! gift cards worth up to 45 bucks.

What started as a quick back-to-school thing turned into a total blast of nostalgia and fun. People loved it so much that we decided to keep the party going and extended the program to make it twice as long in the market.

In my capacity, I orchestrated our internal team, formulated the scope of work, managed the budget and handled logistics from conception to completion. I also undertook responsibilities such as recruitment, scheduling, and training of on-site staff for the activation. Lastly, I oversaw on-site operations, ensuring a seamless and successful execution.