Photographers: Andrew Milligan | Devon Wong | Fred Fung
Producer: Rosa Tang
Creative Director: Rosa Tang
Styling: Rosa Tang
Dutch Love Cannabis

Let's take a trip.

Previously recognized as HOBO Cannabis, my client embarked on a transformation, transitioning from a nomadic narrative to embody the charm of a welcoming local flower boutique. Anchored in the experiences of the everyday cannabis enthusiast, Dutch Love established deep-rooted connections within a community, forging bonds with local businesses across Vancouver and Toronto. This unity was underpinned by a shared affection for cannabis.

Infused with a lighthearted and nostalgic aesthetic, this approach invites the audience to embark on a journey back to their personal realms of happiness. The focal point of this endeavor was a photoshoot aimed at portraying the faces of Dutch Love—the exceptional staff members who orchestrate the bustling storefronts. This initiative became a cornerstone of a weekly series on both social media and the blog platform.

Each installment featured a quote and a concise account of their cannabis voyage, their preferred cannabis product, and the Dutch Love outlet where they could be encountered.