Director: Shelby Satterthwaite
Produced by: Disruptor Creative Group
Assistant Director: Rosa Tang
Camera/Edit: Daev Ogilvie 
Photography: Jules Fletcher
Lighting: Ryan Lambert
Behind the Scenes: Jayden Miller 
Edge of Nothing - Take Me Home

“This is my favourite part, the early spark I should leave, I should leave, but I won’t.”

Kate Yahn, hailing from Vancouver, BC, is an electrifying artist in the rock/pop genre. She seamlessly melds the allure and potency of rock 'n' roll with a refined knack for intricate storytelling. Her music often resonates with the same vivacity found in Stevie Nicks, the vocal prowess reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt, and the distinctive style embodied by Debbie Harry – a magnetic combination that captivates audiences.

When I was approached to contribute to the production and direction of this project, my response was immediate and unwavering. Kate Yahn stands as a remarkable local gem from Vancouver, and I felt a deep sense of honor to play a role in the collective effort that breathed life into her music and narrative.

Infused with Kate's daring rock essence and alluring glamour, we transported the audience back to the 60s, infusing the atmosphere with a touch of showmanship. The storyline weaved together with the performance is bound to have you hitting the replay button, enticed by its charm.