Photographers: Andre Milligan| Ruben Angel | Keane Luong | Oren Williamson | Nick Chomps
Producer: Rosa Tang
Creative Direction: Rosa Tang
Styling: Rosa Tang
Freehouse Collective

Aspired to make everyone feel at home in our house.

Formerly known as the Donnelly Group, the Freehouse Collective emerges as a dynamic hospitality entity, boasting a remarkable portfolio of more than 18 establishments spread across two distinct markets.

Anchored in the heart of Vancouver, BC, and stretching across the bustling core of downtown Toronto, ON, the Freehouse Collective's diverse presence caters to a broad spectrum of preferences.

Every individual locale possesses its own distinct character, drawing inspiration from the journeys and experiences of the CEO. Aiming to spotlight a captivating fusion of contemporary pub classics, an array of expertly crafted cocktails, and a rich selection of locally brewed craft beers, the Freehouse Collective stands as a testament to his vision. It offers a treasure trove of options for all those seeking an elevated hospitality experience.