Photgrapher: Andrew Milligan
Producer: Rosa Tang
Creative Director: Rosa Tang
Styling: Rosa Tang
GSH + Salvation 

The Everyday Athlete.

Amidst a plethora of health products saturating the market, our client aimed to breathe new life into their social media presence while spearheading an awareness campaign. Delving into comprehensive market research, a discernible trend amongst their competitors emerged—an approach I was keen to sidestep. Rather than fixating solely on the product, my strategy veered towards placing the spotlight on the individuals set to engage with it.

The overarching objective was to connect with a health-conscious audience and foster a cohesive community, thereby imparting valuable insights regarding the health advantages of their product in the context of everyday life. A diverse array of athletes catered to a wide spectrum of individuals, spanning all proficiency levels.

Whether one's pursuits involve conquering marathons, donning the mantle of a professional basketball player, or embarking on the initial stages of a yoga journey, this product stood ready to augment their endeavors. This narrative unfolded through a captivating series of photographs, encapsulating their preferred methods of perspiration and seamless integration of GSH+ into their routines.