Client: Nike- Made to Play
Produced by: Rosa Tang
NIKE - Game Growers Program

“Girls who move, move the world”

In the United States, it's a concerning fact that by the time girls reach the 8th grade, they are 50% more likely to discontinue their participation in sports compared to boys. This trend not only poses physical challenges but also erects social barriers that can persist throughout their lives.

Recognizing this issue, Nike's Made to Play team initiated a program aimed at girls aged 11-13, known as the Game Growers program. This innovative program is sponsored by either an NBA or a WNBA team in all 50 states. Two fortunate girls are selected to take part in a three-month program designed to empower them to collaborate on an awareness campaign. This campaign's goal is to convey the message that basketball is an enjoyable sport, encouraging girls to engage in physical activity, socialize, and develop discipline through sports.

In my role as a producer for this project, I was responsible for overseeing all merchandise-related aspects of the program, covering four distinct sectors. This entailed close collaboration with Nike and various non-profit organizations involved in the program. Additionally, I managed our creative team, overseeing the creation of assets crucial to the program's success, including video and photo content, social media materials, and website assets. My responsibilities also extended to liaising with third-party vendors to ensure the program's seamless execution.